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Reasons for installing grease separation sytems

Operations from small restaurants to large scale food processing plants disposing grease, oils and fats into public wastewater drainage systems are becoming an increasing concern to industry, government and environmental agencies.

Wastewater travels a long distance from its original source to the wastewater treatment facilities. During this time large amounts of grease and food wastes build up on the interior drainage pipe walls.

Avoiding a pipe blockage
Prevention of corrosion and odour build-up
Effects on wastewater treatment facilities

Operational conditions

Grease separators should be installed in all locations where greases and oils from plant or animal origin are required to be removed from the wastewater stream. This applies to commercial and industrial applications, for example:

  • Butchers, meat and sausage factories
  • Pre-prepared meal production
  • Slaughterhouses and meat preparation facilities
  • Soap/stearin production plants
  • Restaurants and fast food shops
  • Fish production facilities
  • Cooking oil refineries, butter /margarine production
  • Frying facilities /nut roasting factories
  • Cafeterias in commercial buildings,
  • hospitals, universities, military bases and government agencies

The solution is here - The KESSEL Euro-Separator

KESSEL’s design based on EN 1825-1 and state of the art manufacturing provide grease separation systems surpassing all needs of the industry. The separators are available in a wide range of sizes and disposal methods to suit every business’ needs. 


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