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BMW Munich - Forward-looking architecture for Munich

The 19-floor administrative building in the shape of a four-cylinder engine has been a major landmark in Munich for many years now. It is a highly skilful synthesis of aesthetics, functionality, engineering and architecture.

The new BMW world was opened right next to it, in 2007. The unusual forwardlooking building merges harmoniously into the architectural context of the Olympia Park and the existing BMW buildings, adding up to a perfect general impact of BMW.

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Reference Data

  • Object: BMW Munich
  • Type of building: Administration office
  • Designer: IC Ing., Frankfurt
  • Contractors: Tomic&Kellerbauer, Munich
  • Requirements: Refurbishment to the highest standard
  • KESSEL solution: NS 7 D & S grease separator with Shredder-Mix-System
  • Advantages: Cost effectiveness, reliability

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