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Central station, Berlin - A central hub in an increasingly integrated Europe

As one of the biggest and most modern railway hubs in Europe, Berlin’s new central station combines an impressive mixture of architecture and mobility. It received the Best City Station Awardin 2007. Its graceful pattern and lightflooded shape posed a range of special challenges on its design, structural calculations and logistics – challenges that were mastered superbly between the beginning of the project in 1998 and its completion.

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Reference Data

  • Object: Berlin Central Station
  • Type of building: Train station
  • Designer: Ing.Höpfner, Berlin
  • Contractors: Lodewick GmbH, Herzberg/Harz
  • Requirements: Difficult to install, complex installation situation, grease separator with different corners
  • KESSEL solution: NS 15 grease separator custom design
  • Advantages: Good service, high quality, cost effective

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