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Eastgate, Berlin - Lifestyle shopping

The East Gate Shopping Centre with its spectacular architecture is among the biggest and most exciting shopping precincts in Germany’s capital.

Its highlights include a range of boulevard cafés and a food lounge with over 400 seats. In all, approx. 150 million € have been invested in EASTGATE, creating about 1,000 jobs.

KESSEL – innovations at a superlative shopping centre.

Reference Data

  • Object: Eastgate
  • Type of building: Shopping centre
  • Designer: IPV Ing.Planung, Reppenstedt
  • Contractors: VA TECH ELIN EBG GmbH & Co
  • Requirements: Installation of grease separators, odourless operation, fully automated disposal
  • KESSEL solution: NS 15, NS 7, NS 2 grease separator fully automated
  • Advantages: Easy to install, no odour, low maintenance costs

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