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Emirates Flight Catering, Dubai - New standards

When Emirates Flight Catering, a subsidiary of Emirates Airlines, opened the world’s largest in-flight catering facility in Dubai recently, it celebrated a number of records simultaneously: The facility employs a workforce of some 1,800, occupies nearly 50,000 square metres (12.4 acres) and produces up to 115,000 meals a day. The caterers can easily meet a vast range of culinary requests such as Sushi for fl ights to Japan and curry dishes for the Indian subcontinent.

KESSEL – innovations for large-scale catering.

Reference Data

  • Object: Emirates Catering
  • Type of building: Canteen kitchen
  • Contractors: KESSEL; Trans Gulf Dubai
  • Requirements: Plant capacity, durability of the material
  • KESSEL solution: Custom made NS 100 PV grease separator
  • Advantages: Reliable, corrosion proof

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