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Hotel Cavallino Bianco - At the heart of the Dolomites

The 4-star spa hotel in the centre of St. Ulrich can look back to a development that is rich in traditions and history. Mentioned for the fi rst time in 1448, the hotel now has 89 rooms, 15 suites and 4 restaurants with a modern cuisine. Its unique bathing, sauna and beauty treatment facilities cover some 2,500 square metres, and its highly varied recreational complex includes a children’s leisure area of some 1,000 square meters.

KESSEL – innovations in a historic environment.

Reference Data

  • Object: Cavallino Bianco
  • Type of building: Hotel
  • Designer: Planungsbüro Delazer
  • Contractors: Installateur Unterhuber
  • Requirements: Odour-proof system
  • KESSEL solution: NS 7 PV Euro grease separator
  • Advantages: Efficient, professional consultation

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