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Kulmhotel - A meeting point for mountaineers and astronomers

The Kulmhotel on Mt. Gornergrat is the hotel with the highest altitude in the Swiss Alps. Owing to the hotel’s unique position, breath-taking panorama and pure mountain air, Mt. Gornergrat is the most popular target for excursions around Zermatt. Moreover, astronomers value the ideal lighting conditions at the hotel which allow their telescopes to look particularly far into the depth of space from the two turrets of the stone building.

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Reference Data

  • Object: Gornergrat
  • Type of building: Hotel
  • Designer: Lauber IWISA AG, Nauters
  • Contractors: KESSEL
  • Requirements:  Installed at an altitude of 3100 m, grease separator contents are disposed into special containers
  • KESSEL solution: NS 7 grease separator with disposal unit
  • Advantages: Low weight, reliable evacuation

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