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Reichstag - Radical impression of a new democracy

The Reichstag, the new venue of the German Parliament, was to be expanded into a state-of-the-art plenary hall. The essential criteria in this building project were transparency, clarity and an exemplary use of energy. The Berlin Pavilion is only a stone’s throw from the Reichstag. This is where visitors can purchase a large number of Berlin-branded souvenirs and fashion items, obtain information about the city, book tickets and hotels and eat at a wide range of bars and restaurants.

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Reference Data

  • Object: Pavilion at the Berlin parliament
  • Type of building: Info/Restaurant
  • Designer: Heimann Ingenieure Berlin
  • Contractors: RUN 24 GmbH, Berlin
  • Requirements: Odourless operation with disposal unit, had to be installed below ground
  • KESSEL solution: Custom design NS 10 grease separator for underground installation, with Shredder-Mix-System
  • Advantages: Well-proven components, reliable

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