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Mission Statement of KESSEL AG

Our mission statement describes how we want to shape both the company and its future. It defines our priorities and forms a point of orientation for our operations.

How do we see our company?

KESSEL is a premium manufacturer of innovative products in the field of drainage technology and pursues ambitious goals of international expansion whilst endeavouring to keep its feet on the ground. We strive to achieve and maintain a leading position in our markets through innovative products of the highest quality.

We work meticulously to continuously and permanently improve all areas of the company and regard ourselves as an independent organisation that creates and sustains corporate values.

To our customers we are a reliable, flexible and competent partner, and to our employees we remain a secure and understanding employer.


How do we define our objective?

KESSEL AG supplies individual and reliable solutions in drainage. The demands and needs of our customers for safety, innovation and service are the paramount consideration in all of our operations.

KESSEL AG objectives
  • Safety
    As a leading supplier of drainage solutions, it is our duty to protect the valuables, belongings and livelihoods of our customers - their home, the people and the environment.
  • Innovation
    We see ourselves as a professional think tank for premium products and system solutions in drainage technology. 
  • Service
    We offer the highest quality, reliable and integrated solutions, and an excellent service. 

KESSEL Literature

Image Brochure "Insights"

To learn more about KESSEL and its philosophy take a look at our "Insights" brochure


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