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Albert Schweitzer Middle School Bozen

New canteen for the students.

The secondary school “Albert Schweitzer” in Bolzano/Bozen pursues an open school approach and offers among other things classes based on the Montessori orientation. In order to offer all children and teachers a healthy and varied meal, a new cafeteria has been built in the building’s former underground garage. KESSEL products not only ensure the reliable treatment of the fatty wastewater with subsequent discharge into the sewage system, but also reliably protect the new premises against backwater.

City, country: Bozen, Italy

Date of completion: 2018

Type(s) of building: Science / education / culture

Product(s): Grease separator EasyClean free Direct DN 7, Lifting station Aqualift F Duo, Backwater valve Staufix

Project requirements: 

    • Ensuring odourless disposal
    • Offer of the complete drainage system from one source
    • Reliable backwater protection

    KESSEL solutions:

    • EasyClean free Direct separator with closed cover disposal
    • Coordinated overall system consisting of separator, lifting station and accessories
    • Mechanical flaps of the backwater valves prevent water and rodents from entering the pipe system of the buildings


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