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Alnatura Campus

Sustainable working environment with eco-friendly clay facade.

Alnatura, which sets completely new standards with its innovative campus, describes sustainability in great detail. As the heart of the 55,000 square meter facility, Alnatura Arbeitswelt is the largest
office building in Europe whose exterior facade is made entirely of clay. It combines simple, natural aesthetics with sustainable use, offers space for 500 employees and is supplemented by a Waldorfkindergarten, a vegetarian organic restaurant and in the outdoor area with numerous school and adventure gardens.

City, country: Darmstadt, Germany

Date of completion: 2019

Type(s) of building: Commercial building, gastronomy

Product(s): Grease separator EasyClean ground Auto Mix & Pump NS 10 with lifting station Aqualift F XL in twin-walled reinforced chamber, 6 meter deep access chamber

Project requirements: 

  • Deep underground installation
  • On-site support with commissioning of the plant
  • Offer of the complete drainage system from one source

KESSEL solutions:

  • Individual solutions for specific space/application requirements
  • Fully automatic and program-controlled disposal
  • Coordinated overall system consisting of separator, lifting station and accessories


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