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Axel Towers

Work and shopping in Copenhagen‘s landmark.

Copenhagen’s city centre has gained another landmark with the Axel Towers. The building complex consists of five round towers of different heights with up to 16 upper floors and five underground parking levels. The interior of the modern commercial building is mainly clad in wood. Shops and restaurants are located on the first two floors and offices on the floors above.

City, country: Copenhagen, Denmark

Date of completion: 2017

Type(s) of building: Commercial building, Gastronomy

Product(s): Grease separator EasyClean free Auto Mix & Pump NS 15, with Level sensing system SonicControl, Lifting station Aqualift F XL

Decision criteria:

  • Reliable treatment of the wastewater
  • Odourless disposal and cleaning process of a grease in a closed, odor sensitive, environment
  • 20-year guarantee on PE material for long-term safety
  • Grease layer measuring device SonicControl reduces disposal requirements of grease separator


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