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Bella Center Copenhagen

First-class kitchen wastewater drainage in Scandinavia‘s largest exhibition and congress centre.

The Bella Center in Copenhagen is a state-of-the-art venue offering facilities for congresses, trade fairs and events of all sizes. The building complex houses more than 100 conference halls, meeting
rooms and auditoriums. The congress centre relies on proven separator solutions from KESSEL for the reliable discharge and treatment of wastewater from all catering areas in the building.

City, country: Copenhagen, Denmark

Date of completion: 2020

Type(s) of building: Public building, Gastronomy

Product(s): Grease separator EasyClean ground Standard with Level sensing system SonicControl, Sampling chamber, Direct disposal and Disposal chamber

Decision criteria:

  • Reliable treatment of the wastewater produced
  • System connection to digital building management system
  • Grease layer measuring device SonicControl reduces disposal requirements of grease separator
  • Complete drainage system solution from a single source
  • 20-year guarantee on PE material for long-term safety
  • Odourless emptying and cleaning process of grease separators in a closed, odor sensitive area


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