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Comwell Copenhagen Portside

4-star hotel in the new harbour district.

With Comwell Copenhagen Portside, the Danish hotel chain operates its first hotel in Copenhagen under its own name. The modern building is located in the new, fashionable district of Trælastholmen, which is surrounded by water on three sides and offers a great view over the Öresund. The hotel has 493 rooms, 18 conference rooms, a restaurant and a bar, and with its 4-star standard it leaves hardly anything to be desired.

City, country: Copenhagen, Denmark

Date of completion: 2020

Type(s) of building: Hotel

Product(s): Grease separator EasyClean ground Auto Mix & Pump NS 15 with Level sensing system SonicControl, Disposal chamber Ø 400

Project requirements: 

  • Ensuring odourless disposal
  • User friendly disposal of grease separator system
  • Permanent monitoring of the grease layer thickness

KESSEL solutions:

  • Fully sealed / air tight - odorless disposal system
  • Fully automatic and programme-controlled grease separator
  • Grease layer measuring device SonicControl provides 24 digital grease layer thickness monitoring


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