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DFDS Domicil Marmormolen Copenhagen

Drainage design for shipping company headquarters

The new headquarters of DFDS Ferry shipping company is located in the immediate vicinity of their own ferry terminal in Marmorvej. The appearance of this architecturally designed building is reminiscent of a cruise ship. In addition to two parquet floors, the 12,500 square metres of floor space include offices and meeting rooms for 700 employees, a restaurant and an auditorium accomodating 300 people. In keeping with the sustainable overall concept of the climate-friendly building, the drainage solutions used by KESSEL are also very important, providing high-end backwater protection with minimal power usage.

City, country: Copenhagen, Denmark

Date of completion: 2022

Type(s) of building: Commercial building

Product(s): 3 × Hybrid lifting station Ecolift XL in engineering chamber, 3 × TeleControl

Project requirements: 

  • Fail-safe drainage of wastewater
  • Drainage solution for installation with a gradient to the sewer
  • Off-site system monitoring

KESSEL solutions:

  • Disposal of wastewater during normal operation without electricity / power usage
  • With TeleControl all important information on your mobile phone
  • Combines the safety of lifting systems with the advantages of backwater


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