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Le Méridien Riyadh

Beautiful and sophisticated 5-star hotel in the heart of Riyadh.

The Le Méridien invites its guests to enjoy the good life offering limitless possibilities to explore the glamour of travel and discover the cuisine and culture of a dynamic and rapidly evolving city like Riyadh.

City, country: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Date of completion: 2020

Type(s) of building: Hotel

Product(s): Grease separator EasyClean free Auto Mix & Pump NS 10

Project requirements: 

    • Grease separator located in basement of hotel - no direct access to separator for disposal truck
    • Grease separator installed in Air Handling Room (AHU) of hotel which serves hotel lobby and mezzanine. No odours from separator are allowed.

    KESSEL solutions:  

    • Grease separator equipped with disposal pump to pump contents directly
      through disposal pipe to remote located collection truck.
    • KESSEL PVS fully automated grease separator remains fully sealed during
      operation and disposal. No odour emittance.


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