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Oberlahnbad Weilburg

Year-round bathing fun in a multifunctional building.

Modern, sporty, versatile - this is how the Oberlahnbad in Weilburg presents itself. With several swimming pools, panoramic sauna, steam bath, relaxation rooms and gastronomy area, no wishes remain
unfulfilled. The special highlight: In summer, the glass walls can be opened to the outside terrace, the adjacent area can be used as a sunbathing lawn and the pool can be used as a covered outdoor pool.
The planners did not make any compromises in terms of drainage technology either, and implemented a hybrid concept with drains made of stainless steel and the innovative material Ecoguss.

City, country: Weilburg, Germany

Date of completion: 2017

Type(s) of building: Leisure / sports facilities

Product(s): 80 × Drain body Ecoguss with/without
Pressure sealing flange, 80 × Upper section Variofix and Design with Lock & Lift, 44 × Fire protection insert Fire-Kit,
64 × Passage seal Quick-Fit, 9 × Drain body Ferrofix, 2 × Channel drain Ferrofix

Decision criteria:

  • High corrosion resistance, even with aggressive waste water
  • Reliable wastewater discharge
  • Resilience even with heavy cleaning machines
  • Easy cleaning with the highest standard of hygiene
  • Integrated fire protection system meets highest R120 fire rating standard
  • Corrosion resistance


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