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One On Whiteley Johannesburg

Live luxuriously in Melrose Arch.

The new district Melrose Arch in Johannesburg is characterized by cosmopolitan apartments, two design hotels, an event location, over 20 restaurants and cafés, many boutiques, nine office buildings and a premium health club. The luxurious residential complex One On Whiteley relies on KESSEL’s reliable process technology, which perfectly combines function and outstanding design.

City, country: Johannesburg, South Africa

Date of completion: 2019

Type(s) of building: Residential building, Hotel, Gastronomy

Product(s): 320 × Shower channel upper section Linearis Compact, 850 mm with drain body Classic and Multistop, 440 × Shower channel Linearis Compact 750 mm with Multistop

Project requirements: 

    • Low installation height
    • Odor free drainage - no sewer odors allowed
    • Easy maintenance

    KESSEL solutions:  

    • Low-profile Linearis Compact shower channel
    • No odors due to the odor, foam rodent and insect stop Multistop
    • Smooth and easy to clean surface with self-cleaning effect


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