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San Nicolò dei Mendicoli

Pumpfix under the crucifix.

In Venice’s Dorsoduro district is the church of San Nicolò dei Medicoli, built in the 13th century. The ceilings of the church are decorated with drawings by painters of the Veronese school and gilded arches span marble columns to the altar at the end of the aisle. After the church was badly damaged by a flood, numerous renovations were necessary. The floor was raised by 30 cm to protect the church from flooding and seven existing drainage points were upraded to the most modern standard with the backwater pumping station Pumpfix S.

City, country: Venice, Italy

Date of completion: 2019

Type(s) of building: Public building, Science / education / culture

Product(s): 7 × Backwater pumping station Pumpfix S

Decision criteria:

  • Quiet and energy-saving operation through the use of the natural gradient to the sewer
  • Sewage disposal also during times of backwater with closed backwater flaps
  • Original floor tiles were installed in Pumpfix S recessed cover to maintain historic look.
  • Continuously running pump with free-flow impeller for maximum operational reliability


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