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Waterfront Belgrade

Shopping, dining and entertainment in the new trendy district of Belgrade.

Right in the heart of the Serbian capital, on the banks of the Sava, Belgrade Waterfront forms the new urban center of Belgrade this 1.8 million square meter project. This unique district already gives an impression today of the future of modern living. The focus here is on creating a pleasant, functional and elegant space for living and working with numerous leisure activities. Such as shopping centers or restaurants and hotels. 75 different specialty restaurants and an extra large food court produce significant amounts of fatty waste water during daily operations. In the Galerija, a high-performance and safe solution was developed under the world’s largest grease separator system to date in nominal size 50 (max. 50l/s) was also installed.

City, country: Belgrade, Serbia

Date of completion: 2019

Type(s) of building: Public building, Commercial building, Residential building, Hotel, Gastronomy

Product(s): Grease separator EasyClean free Auto Mix & Pump (1 × NS 50, 3 × NS 40, 3 × NS 20, 1 × NS 15, 2 × NS 10), 10 × Lifting station Aqualift F XL

Project requirements: 

    • Reliable disposal of large quantities of wastewater
    • Offer of the complete drainage system from one source
    • Suitable grease separators for different areas

    KESSEL solutions:  

    • Individual solutions for specific space/application requirements
    • Comprehensive services from planning to operation of the plant
    • Odourless emptying and cleaning process of grease separators in a closed system


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