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Always up-to-date

Better informed with the “KESSELcompact” newsletter and the “KESSEL AG Newsfeed”

(Lenting, 28.07.2010) “Always up-to-date” is the motto chosen by the drainage specialist KESSEL for its information campaign. As part of the campaign, the company has launched the English newsletter “KESSELcompact” and the “KESSEL AG Newsfeed”. The idea is to inform international customers better and more quickly about company news in future, as well as about interesting subjects from the drainage sector as a whole.

“KESSELcompact” newsletter

“Our customers should get all the information they need about new products and important changes as quickly as possible, so that we can consider market opportunities and develop suitable strategies,” explains Albert Schneider, who is responsible for international marketing at KESSEL AG. The newsletter, which provides “compact” information about the latest company news, is sent by e-mail to all subscribers at regular intervals. To make sure you don’t miss an issue, register as a subscriber today: 

“KESSEL AG Newsfeed”

As well as the newsletter, the “KESSEL AG Newsfeed” has been set up. This RSS feed makes it possible to receive the latest information about KESSEL on the internet. Once a subscription has been set up, it can be integrated in sidebars, the personalised start pages of numerous search engines or in the bookmark symbol bar. By clicking a headline, the reader automatically arrives at the respective article on the KESSEL website and can request more detailed information. 

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