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New from KESSEL: Ecolift only pumps with backwater

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New from KESSEL: Ecolift only pumps with backwater

Ecolift: an alternative to the classical lifting station for sewage:

Minimum energy consumption

(Lenting, January 17) The draining specialist KESSEL has developed an alternative to the classical lifting station for sewage: Ecolift. During normal operation, the new system for lifting wastewater uses the natural gradient to the sewer and only uses the pressure pipe through the backwater level for discharge if necessary, in other words when backwater builds up. This reduces energy consumption to a minimum. KESSEL will be presenting the system at the BAU fair which will take place in Munich from 17th to 22nd January 2011.

Wastewater disposal even after power failure

Another advantage of the new system: wastewater disposal is not interrupted even if there is a power failure, since it uses the gradient to the sewage channel. “This aspect is particularly important for the industrial sector,”  explains Franz Xaver Leibinger, Product Manager for backwater valves and lifting stations at KESSEL. “Because otherwise, pump failure usually means industrial operations have to be interrupted, since the wastewater produced can no longer be disposed of.”

More living comfort and safety for cellar rooms

Since Ecolift really only pumps when absolutely necessary, in other words when the backwater flap is closed and wastewater has to be disposed of at the same time, there are no annoying permanent pumping noises. This significantly increases living comfort, especially for those living in apartments at basement level. In addition, Ecolift works like a standard cellar drain: If the washing machine leaks or water gets into the cellar from the outside, it can flow freely through the system into the sewage system and is lifted by the backwater loop if necessary. This means Ecolift also protects cellars from flooding.


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