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KESSEL AG optimises backwater program

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KESSEL AG optimises backwater program

All KESSEL backwater solutions now have a uniform installation body. The associated inlet and outlet (spigot and flange) can be detached and combined freely.

Uniform installation body and removable inlets / outlets

(Lenting, 7th February 2011) KESSEL has optimised the backwater valve  Staufix SWA and Staufix FKA, the clean out Controlfix and the backwater pumping station Pumpfix F. They now have an installation body with an in-built nine millimetre gradient that is suitable for installation into a concrete slab/floor or into an exposed wastewater pipe. The associated inlets and outlets can be detached and combined freely.

Individual pipe-connections for all requirements

"Individual pipe-connections are extremely beneficial especially during renovation work. The responsible person can select one of the following combinations that best meets the needs on the building site: spigot/flange, flange/flange or spigot/spigot," explained product manager Franz Xaver Leibinger. The pipes are available in the nominal widths Ø 110, 125, 160 and now also in Ø 200. KESSEL has also set new standards with respect to the maintenance and connection of the control unit: All maintenance can now be performed without tools because, instead of screws, special locks are used that can be simply opened and closed manually. Also, the control unit is supplied with a plug which means an electrician is no longer required during installation.

Individual modules new in the range

In the future, KESSEL will not only be supplying complete products but also two installation sets for installation in a concrete floor/slab and for exposed wastewater pipes. These comprise an installation body and the corresponding inlets/outlets.  

Depending on the local requirements, these can be combined with the retrofit kits for the Staufix SWA, Staufix FKA and Pumpfix F and the required inlet and outlet. This makes life easier for all craftsmen during installation and also dealers who can reduce their stock levels and offer products more flexibly.


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