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KesselDesign now has its own website

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KesselDesign now has its own website

KESSEL presents design diversity for bathroom drainage
(Lenting, 8th July 2010) Effective immediately, the drainage specialist KESSEL will be presenting its bathroom drains collection of the brand KesselDesign on its own homepage at The brand KesselDesign is one of KESSEL AG's own brands that stand for high-quality design and technically sophisticated bath drain products. In addition to information about the brand and the topic of bathroom renovation, the new homepage also contains all sorts of information about the products themselves. 
All product variants at a glance

Under the menu heading "Products", visitors will find a gallery of shower channels including various individual design options – such as the illuminated shower channel LINEARIS Super60 Individual with its individually engraved logo. There are also numerous pictures of the design covers for drain holes that won the red dot design award at the start of July. Planners, finishers and dealers can find the technical details in the sub-heading "Technical product details"; installation and operating instructions and also product brochures are available in the "Service" section.  
Special bathroom renovation products

"Meanwhile, more than 60% of all construction work done is renovation, refurbishing or extension work which is why we have dedicated a separate menu item to this topic on the website", explained marketing manager Reinhard Späth. KesselDesign also uses the website to present the new refurbishing channel LINEARIS Compact and the drain "Ultraflat". Thanks to their low installation heights of 80 and 69 millimetres, they are highly suitable for retrofitting. 
All important information about the KesselDesign bathroom drains collection is now available on the homepage


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