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LINEARIS Compact shower channel

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New from KESSEL for bathroom refurbishment: LINEARIS Compact shower channel

Low installation height and high draining capacity

(Lenting, August 2, 2010) With the shower channel LINEARIS Compact the draining specialist KESSEL is extending its collection of channels to eight. The channel is 60 millimetres wide and has an extremely low overall installation height of only 80 millimetres – making it particularly good for bathroom renovation or refurbishment work. Despite its flat design, LINEARIS Compact has a draining capacity of 30 l/min without threshold and 36 l/min with 10 millimetres threshold. The channel has a nominal width of Ø 50, is available in four different lengths ranging from 750 to 1,150 millimetres and has a water seal head of 22 millimetres.

There’s no way unpleasant odours get through

Another advantage is the integrated odour trap. The airtight flap not only keeps unpleasant sewage odours out, which can often be smelt on account of conventional odour traps drying up, they also provide protection against rodents and foaming. The reversible rim, that can either be tiled individually to blend in almost invisibly with the bathroom or stands out thanks to its timelessly elegant stainless steel design, gives the channel that special look.

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