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Linearis Super 60 individual: series of illuminated shower channels

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New from KESSEL: a series of illuminated shower channels, Linearis Super 60 individual

With individual design solutions

(Lenting, 10th March 2009) KESSEL has added the Linearis Super 60 individual series to its range of shower channels. The new feature is that the channels are illuminated and can be designed according to suit the customer’s requirements. For example, they can be engraved with an individual logo.

Individual designs

“The special thing about the new channels is that they can be produced individually for each customer”, explains product manager Mark Jung. For example, they can be engraved with a company’s own logo. The U-profile is made from a blend of acrylic and mineral material called Corian, which is extremely durable. So safety while showering is also guaranteed. Another model in the series has an illuminated profile made from non-slip glass. Decorative materials can be placed beneath it, such as stones or dried flowers for example.

Maintenance-free technology with no cables

“It was important for us to offer maintenance-free technology and at the same time guarantee reliable operation and a fast flow rate“, says Jung. So the channels that are illuminated with low-voltage LEDs don’t have any cables or batteries. Like the Linearis Super 60, this 60 millimetre wide channel has a drainage rate of 72 litres per minute with an accumulation height of ten millimetres above the grating. The receiving capacity is so high that generally no counter-slope is needed in the room. This saves on installation time and costs.
Compatible with all drain bodies

Thanks to KESSEL’s modular design system, the new shower channels are individually compatible with all of the usual drain bodies in the KESSEL outlet collection. These include the bodies from the Ecoguss series and the “Superflache” and “Classic” models. According to the type of sealing required, the material properties and construction height, planners and developers will find the right drain body for their particular requirements.

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