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Backwater valves Staufix FKA and Pumpfix F in “Komfort”-versions

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KESSEL: Backwater valves Staufix FKA and Pumpfix F in “Komfort”-versions

New from KESSEL: Backwater valves Staufix FKA (right) and Pumpfix F (left) in “Komfort”-versions

Control unit now available with a "Plug-and-play" function

(Lenting, 4th February 2011) In addition to the “Standard” variants of the backwater valve for wastewater with sewage Staufix FKA and the backwater pumping station Pumpfix F, KESSEL now supplies “Komfort”-versions of these products. Amongst other features, they now also have a plug-in control unit - which means an electrician is no longer required during installation. Further operating comfort is offered by the display.

“Komfort”-version Staufix FKA

The "Komfort"-version of the Staufix FKA also has a connection option for a “building management system”. This means that it will be possible in the future to transfer information to remote communication devices. Also, there is an integrated three-level backwater valve with operating, construction period and locking positions in the Staufix FKA Komfort and the Standard variant. In the operating position, the valve is open and only closes in the event of backwater. In the construction period position, it hangs down like a tailgate. In the locking position, it is locked manually as an emergency lock. This means that backwater protection is also guaranteed even during the early construction phase when no power supply is available. 

“Komfort”-version Pumpfix F

Pumpfix F Komfort is now equipped with a motorised lock on the backwater valve. This minimises the risk of blockages as the pipe cross-section is free during operation. "The valve closes automatically in the event of backwater," explained product manager Franz Xaver Leibinger. Also, the pump volume of the system has been increased and a drain function has been integrated in the underground variant in case of an overflow. This keeps water damage to a minimum. 

The pump head is located outside the flow profile to be able to guarantee that the pipe cross-section remains free. This in turn increases the pumping volume and therefore the self-cleaning effect of the system.


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