StaufixControl backwater valve

The original solution with an additional control function.

The new StaufixControl is the result of decades of product development and optimisation. It is just as safe as the original Staufix, but now even more compact, allowing a simpler installation and more flexible mounting.

While the basic version of the Staufix is a classic backwater valve, the StaufixControl version offers smart additional functions such as the visual and acoustic warning message in the event of backwater. Staufix and StaufixControl are each available in two versions – for installation in an exposed drainage pipe and for floor slab installation, where you can choose between a black cover or tileable cover.



The new StaufixControl backwater valve provides the same safe and reliable protection against backwater as the Staufix. In addition it is also equipped with a remote signal generator which emits both a visual and acoustic warning signal when backwater occurs. A further advantage: With the optional wireless receiver as a switchable socket, a washing machine, for example, could be disconnected from the mains in order to prevent it damaging itself.

Installation situation

The Staufix and StaufixControl backwater valves can be installed either in an exposed drainage pipe or in the floor slab – convenient and tidy thanks to the installation kit with a vertically adjustable upper section. Even installation in waterproof concrete is possible by means of an extension piece with flange and an elastomer waterproofing membrane.

Tool-free maintenance

With the one-handed closure, the cover is particularly easy to open and close ­– for convenient maintenance, with absolutely no tools required.

Not found the right product?

In addition to our standardbackwater valves, we develop individual solutions for special requirements – in terms of form, function and dimensioning – at the customer's request.. 

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