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Backwater inspection chamber Ø 1000 mm

Backwater protection for exterior installation

Keeps wastewater from the sewage system back outside the building in the event of backwater. A revolutionary feature is the standard option of installing the KESSEL backwater valves Staufix SWA, Staufix FKA and the backwater pumping station Pumpfix F - and this can even be done many years later. This means backwater protection features are located outside the building, functional reliable and easy to service. This combines safety with space-saving.

Professional advantages:

  • Convinience
    More safety and additional living space in the basement. No operational noises in the building.

  • Safety
    Material is crack- and impact-resistant, permanently watertight and root-proof. Therefore we grant a 20-year guarantee for PE material.

  • Installation
    Straightforward installation thanks to low weight of the chamber parts and variable upper sections for adaptation to the ground level.

  • Retrofittable
    KESSEL Backwater Inspection Chambers are shipped including the Controlfix clean-out. This chamber can be used as a sewer inspection / access point or the chamber can be upgraded to three different types of backwater valves using a KESSEL conversion kit.
  • outside building
  • channel passages
  • Covers
  • Upper section

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