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Clean out Controlfix

To ensure that the entire drainage pipe does not need to be opened if the drainage pipe is blocked, clean outs need to be installed in the drain pipe at regular intervals. The clean out Controlfix is equipped with quick-release closures made of polymer which means it can be opened quickly without tools.

The clean out Controlfix can also be retrofitted with a fully adequate backwater valve, even when installed. Think about tomorrow today, and lay the foundation for your safety with the Controlfix.

Professional advantages:

  • The foundation for your safety
    Even when installed, the clean out can also be retrofitted with a fully adequate backwater valve Staufix SWAStaufix FKA, or Pumpfix F .

  • Fast and easy access
    Thanks to the standard quick-release closures made of polymer, the waste water pipe can be cleaned fast and easily.
  • Flexible installation
    More flexibility and reliability when installed in concrete slabs, new extension system with optional center located sealing flange for connection to waterproofing membranes.

  • Drain body with only 9 mm gradient
    This allows it to be retrofitted in existing drain pipes.

  • Fast and simple maintenance
    The standard quick-release closures made of polymer allow the backwater valves to be serviced easily and quickly without tools.


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