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Staufix FKA – Motorized Backwater Valves

Motorized backwater valve Staufix FKA installed in a concrete slab/floor

Backwater protection for waste water containing sewage

The motorised backwater valve Staufix FKA can be used as central backwater protection for waste water containing sewage according to EN 13564 Type 3 F. It is suitable for toilets, showers, sinks and washing machines that are located in the cellar. Cellar steps up to 5 m² can also be drained via the backwater valve, if penetration of rainwater into the building during the backwater phase is prevented by a thresher or similar solutions.

In the event of backwater from the sewer, the valve is locked by a motor and then opened again automatically after the backwater incident. The standard comfort control unit issues an acoustic and optical alarm signal when the flap is closed. It also has a self-diagnosis system SDS that runs an automatic function test on a regular basis.

The backwater valve Staufix FKA is available as an installation set for the concrete slab and is especially well suited for new buildings. The version for exposed drainage pipes is a good option for renovation projects and can be fitted quickly and easily.

Professional advantages:

  • Motorised backwater valve
    Closing time < 20 seconds - backflow detected when pipe is filled to 80% of capacity.

  • Fully open pipe passage
    During normal operations, both flaps of the backwater valve are open so that all the waste water can drain away without allowing solids to be deposited. In the event of backwater, the motorised flap ensures that the waste water pipe closes safely and firmly.

  • Plug & Play Comfort control unit
    with self-diagnosis system SDS and multilingual display - can be connected without a qualified electrician.

  • Flexible installation
    More flexibility and reliability when installed in concrete slabs, new extension system with optional center located sealing flange for connection to waterproofing membranes.

  • Stainless steel flap
    to keep rats and rodents out. Available as accessory.

  • Backwater protection even during construction phase thanks to 3-stage flap
    Freely suspended flap in the construction phase position.

  • Removable inlet- and outlet connections
    Flange/spigot for customized connections. Variable inlet and outlet sizes available in diameter Ø 110, 125, 160 and also in Ø 200 mm.

  • Drain body with just 9 mm gradient
    This allows it to be retrofitted in existing drain pipes.

  • Fast and simple maintenance
    The standard quick-release closures made of polymer allow the backwater valves to be serviced easily and quickly without tools.

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