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Basement drains

basement drain

Basement drains collect wastewater and discharge it via the main drainage pipe. Basement drains are often installed in utility rooms, where splashing and dripping is to be expected near the sink and the washing machine. Wellness facilities such as a sauna or infrared cabin in the basement are also becoming more and more popular. These are usually combined with sanitary facilities where wastewater is produced. Basement drains are thus required. These are available both with and without backwater valve. Our range includes the following products:

Basement drain with pump - the only one that pumps against backwater (Type 5) - for wastewater without sewage

Basement drain with or without  backwater valve for wastewater without sewage (Type 5) - Ideal for new buildings

Cellar drain with or without backwater valve for wastewater without sewage (Type 5) - Ideal for renovations

Combination of basement drain and light liquid stop with or without  backwater protection and integrated odour trap.

Basement drains with vertical or lateral outlets with or without odour trap and sludge trap.

Protect other unsecured drainage fixtures from backwater.
>> more information about  backwater protection


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