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Basement drain Drehfix

Basement drain Drehfix

Compact drain with twin flap backwater valve - ideal for renovation!

The basement drain Drehfix is a compact basement drain for protecting individual drainage points such as sink, shower or washing machine (wastewater without sewage) according to EN 13564 type 5. Thanks to its small design height and compact dimensions, Drehfix fits into the recess of old cast drains, making it ideal for renovation!

Thanks to the one-handed quick-action closure the drain can be opened quickly and offers optimum access for pipe cleaning. The cover is opaque and has an optical indicator for emergency closure. In addition, the basement drain offers a drilling possibility for two further inlets. The accessories available include a rat protection flap made of stainless steel and an extension section for deeper installation.

Professional Advantages:

  • Safety
    With integrated backwater valve. Twin flaps, self-closing, one of which can be locked by hand as an emergency closure.

  • Tool-free maintenance
    Fast and simple cleaning with one-hand quick-release fastener.

  • Ideal for renovation
    Ideal for connection to old cast pipes. Only 30 mm overlap of drain connecting piece necessary.

  • Hygiene
    No corrosion thanks to polymere material.

Technical Details:

Material: ABS
System: Complete drain
Flow rate: 1.8 l/s
Sealing water height: 60 mm
Load class: K3


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