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Bathroom Drain Classic - Compact And High Performance

Bathroom drain Classic

The Classic bathroom drain  is a compact bathroom drain which is available in many versions. It is available both with a vertical and a horizontal outlet  in the sizes Ø 50 and Ø 75 mm. There is an adhesive flange available as an option for moisture sealing. The cover is a stainless steel cover in an oval design - but Classic bathroom drain can also be combined with any other upper section from the System 100 range.

  • cover
  • invisible
  • private

Professional Advantages:

  • Compact
    Compact drain body with either lateral or vertical outlet.

  • Sealing system safe to install
    The fixed lip seal reliably prevents the upper section from slipping.

  • Variable upper section
    rotatable, tiltable and height adjustable.

  • Modular Design
    Individual drain composition using the KESSEL modular system 100.

  • Waterless odor trap
    Multistop odor, foam, rodent and insect stop available as accessory. Ideal odor trap for bathroom drains that dry out frequently. Can be retrofitted in installed shower drains.

Technical Details:

Material: ABS
System: 100
Flow rate: 0.8 l/s
Sealing water height: 50 mm
Load class: K 3, L 15

Product Details: Classic bathroom drains


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