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Ecoguss Floor Drains

Installation example floor drain Ecoguss

Drains made of Ecoguss guaranteeing the highest level of safety in the building

With the high-tech material Ecoguss KESSEL is using an innovative composite material which combines the advantages of polymer (e.g. low weight and no corrosion) with those of cast iron (e.g. sound protection and heat resistance). At the same time, Ecoguss floor and roof drains are not only easy to process, they represent an economic alternative to conventional cast iron drains. 

On account of their advantages in terms of fire protection, hygiene and sound protection, Ecoguss project drains are particularly suitable for buildings such as hospitals, swimming pools, wellness oases, nursing homes as well as hotels and office buildings.

Professional Advantages:

  • Metallic composite material
    Metallic properties and yet still corrosion-free. Replaces primed and epoxied drains. No electrical grounding necessary.

  • High Flow Rate
    of 1.8 liter per second

  • Sound Protection
    Measurements carried out by the Fraunhofer Institute in Stuttgart:
    >= 16 dB(A) according to DIN 4109
    >= 14 dB(A) according to VDI 4100 SST III

  • Hygiene
    Self-cleaning effect due to permanent non-corrosive and smooth surface. Extremely high acid/alkali resistance for wastewater polluted by chemicals.

  • Assembly
    Ecoguss drains are three times lighter than cast iron despite being just as sturdy, thus making transport and installation much easier. There is no longer any need for complex electrical grounding. The drain body requires a core hole with a diameter of only 160 mm.

  • Fire Protection
    Fire and smoke protection insert Fire-Kit and Quick-Fit passage seal with fire protection with approval Z-19.17-1719: Ecoguss drains with a vertical outlet can be equipped with the fire protection insert Fire-Kit, which is compliant with the highest fire resistance class R 120. Only use Fire-Kit in combination with an odour trap.

  • SML-Pipe Connection
    Connection to SML-pipe according to DIN 19522 in Ø 58, 78, 110 and Ø 83 mm. No more transition sections!

  • Modular Design
    Individual drain composition using the KESSEL modular system.

Technical Details:

Material: Metallic composite material Ecoguss
System: 125
Flow rate: 1,1 l/s with 10 mm threshold
Sealing water height: 50 mm
Load class: K 3, L 15

Product Details: Ecoguss with glue flange

Product Details: Ecoguss with pressure sealing flange

Product Details: Ecoguss with connection flange


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