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Practicus Project Drains

Project drain Practicus installed in a bathroom

Heavy duty polymer drains designed for use in public, industrial and private buildings

The heavy-duty polymer drain is mainly used in large buildings and fits all the upper sections of System 125. With a flow rate of 1.8 litres per second the floor drain is also suitable for showers with particularly high water occurrence. The drain bodies are available in diameters Ø 75 mm and Ø 110 mm as well as in the new width Ø 50 mm. The model can be combined with the Linearis shower channel upper sections and upper sections from the KESSEL bathroom drain collection.

Professional Advantages:

  • High Flow Rate
    of 1.8 liter per second

  • Sound Protection
    Measurements carried out by the Fraunhofer Institute in Stuttgart:
    >= 18 dB(A) according to DIN 4109
    >= 15 dB(A) according to VDI 4100 SST III

  • Fire Protection
    Fire and smoke protection insert Fire-Kit and Quick-Fit passage seal with fire protection with approval Z-19.17-1719: Practicus drains with a vertical outlet can be equipped with the fire protection insert Fire-Kit, which is compliant with the highest fire resistance class R 120. Only use Fire-Kit in combination with an odour trap.
  • No coating required
    Practicus drains do not require coating. They are naturally hygienic and absolutely corrosion-free.

  • Modular Design
    Individual drain composition using the KESSEL modular system.

Technical Details:

Material: PP
System: 125
Flow rate: 1,1 l/s with 10 mm threshold
Sealing water height: 50 mm
Load class: K 3, L 15

Product Details: Practicus with pressure sealing flange

Product Details: Practicus with connection flange


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