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Pumpfix F - Backwater Pumping Station

Wastewater disposal even when water backs up

Pumpfix F pumps against backwater and discharges surface water. It protects drainage fixtures such as shower, sink, washing machine and outside steps down to the basement which are below the backwater level.

The wastewater is discharged continually and without the use of energy to the sewer through gravity. In the event of backwater the pump macerates any solids and and pumps the building's wastewater into the surcharged sewer. Control is by means of the Comfort control unit with self-diagnosis system SDS.

Professional Advantages:

  • Backwater valve and lifting station in one
    Pumpfix F uses the natural gradient to the sewer for wastewater disposal. Efficient and economical pump use only in the event of backwater.

  • Installation in a concrete floor
    Backwater valve with tilable cover and integrated drain for continual drainage even in the event of a basement flooding.

  • On-the-floor installation
    The ideal installation option for exposed drainage pipes. Easy access for service and maintenance – no tools required.

  • Self-Diagnosos System
    Plug & Play Comfort control unit with self-diagnosis system SDS and multilingual
    display - can be connected without a qualified electrician.

  • Removable inlet- and outlet connections
    Flange/spigot for customized connections. Variable inlet and outlet sizes available in diameter Ø 110, 125, 160 and also in Ø 200 mm.

  • Flexible installation
    More flexibility and reliability when installed in concrete slabs, new extension system with optional center located sealing flange for connection to waterproofing membranes.

Pump types:

Performance diagramm SPZ 1000
  • SPZ 1000
    Input Power (P1): 1000 W
    Voltage:                230 V
    Operating mode:   S3 - 30%
    Pumping capacity: max. 10,9 m3/h
    Pumping height:     max. 9,5 m

With general technical approval through DIBT. Approval number: Z-53.2-388.


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