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Individual Solutions

For over 20 years we have been developing tailor-made drainage solutions for the specific requirements of our customers. Our extensive knowledge of polymer engineering enables us to respond to your particular needs at any time. This means we can offer you almost unlimited product variety. To date, we have successfully installed around 20,000 customised solutions.

Standard Solution

Draining water, treating wastewater, protecting against backwater: all the standard drainage tasks are covered by our standard portfolio.

Product adaption

If certain form, function and/or if the product requirements are not standard, we modify the product to meet the

New development

If the range of tasks differs from the usual framework to an extreme extent, we also develop completely new products for your specific application.

Unmatched customer service and support

Along with specialized drainage knowledge our department also offers dedicated support service to these projects. Preferably becoming involved in the very beginning stages of the building and drainage design,  our department offers technical consultation, CAD engineering support as well as on-site visits from our sales engineers in order to advise the best solution for the project. If required our Custom Solutions  Department also has a team of installation specialists who can travel to any site worldwide to professionaly install and commission the KESSEL system.


KESSEL provides innovative problem solutions from the idea to the product through to global sales – one-stop shopping for top quality.


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