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Lifting stations and pumps for domestic and commercial wastewater

Lifting and pumping stations from KESSEL

People who use drainage objects such as washing machines, showers or a toilet in their basement must consider how the wastewater from the object is to reach the sewer. If there is no natural gradient to the sewer, the wastewater must be lifted above the backwater level using a lifting station or pumping station so that it can then flow into the sewage system.

Suitable lifting station on the basis of wastewater type

In addition to the pumping height, the type of wastewater is an important criterion for the selection of a suitable lifting station. This is determined on the basis of the drainage objects connected. Wastewater without sewage (grey water) from washing machines, showers and bathtubs can be disposed of using washwater lifting stations such as Aqualift S or Minilift. For wastewater containing sewage (black water) from toilets and urinals, special lifting stations for wastewater with sewage must be used, such as the Aqualift F or Minilift F.


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