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Lifting Stations for wastewater with or without sewage (black water)

The spectrum of our lifting stations for wastewater containing sewage ranges from small systems for individual toilets for private use through to systems for complete wastewater discharging in the commercial and industrial sector. Our lifting stations offer maximum flexibility in terms of installation options as well. Alongside free-standing lifting stations, we also have versions for installation in the concrete slab or for outdoor underground installation.

Lifting stations for installation in a concrete slab/floor

Aqualift F Compact
  • Aqualift F Compact
    Lifting station for the complete basement drainage. Powerful, compact and reliable. Chamber ready for installation in a concrete floor, with integrated drain function to discharge surface water.

Lifting Stations for free-standing set-up

Minilift F
  • Minilift F
    extremely compact lifting station for connection to a single toilet and two additional fixtures (e.g. sink, shower, urinal, bidet) in rooms below the backwater level or without sufficient gradient to the next sewage collecting pipe.
Lifting station Aqualift F Basic
  • Aqualift F Basic
    The economic solution for domestic wastewater disposal. Simple to install or mount in a small space. Including KESSEL control unit Aqualift Basic 230 V.
Lifting station Aqualift FAqualift F
  • Aqualift F
    Domestic wastewater lifting station for single-family homes. Simple to install or mount in a small space. Also available as twin lifting station Aqualift F Duo for apartment blocks or small scale industrial use.
Lifting station Aqualift FAqualift F XL
  • Aqualift F XL
    Twin lifting stations for industrial / high volume wastewater disposal. For example for lifting rainwater which occurs below the backwater level, or for use with a separator. Available with 200, 300 and 450 liter tank volume.


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