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Minilift S lifting station for installation in a concrete floor

Minilift lifting station

The space-saving version for wastewater without sewage

Small and discreet: the Minilift S is integrated compactly in the floor slab. A washing machine, shower or further inlets can all be connected to the small lifting station at the same time. The Minilift S is delivered plug-in ready and equipped with a 300 W pump with float switch. The Minilift S is available either with a black cover or tileable cover.







  1. Cover with integrated drain
  2. Telescopic upper section
  3. Inlet
  4. High capacity storage tank

Professional advantages:

  • Tool-free pump removal
    The “one-hand snap closure” feature means that no tools are required to remove the pump for cleaning and maintenance.

  • Connection of further inlets
    Alongside the standard inlet in the cover, inlets can be attached at the side through the pre-scored areas.

  • Ventilation
    No further ventilation pipes are required thanks
    to the integrated activated carbon filter.

  • Installation in a concrete floor
    Chamber ready to be installed (version for underground installation), with integrated drain function to drain surface water. Continual drainage even in the event of incoming flood water or a pipe burst.

Pump types:

Performance diagram lifting station Minilift
  • KTP 300
    Input Power:        280 W
    Voltage:               230 V
    Operating mode:   S1
    Pumping capacity: max. 8 m3/h
    Pumping height:    max. 6 m


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