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Aqualift F pumping station

Pumping station Aqualift F in Komfort inspection chamber system Ø 600.

Compact an inexpensive complete system

The pumping station can be used for the draining of wastewater with or without sewage below the backwater level, as backwater protection for separator systems and for draining basement apartments or driveways. It is installed at a depth of up to 2.25 metres in the ground outside the building. The favourably priced overall system is even resistant to groundwater up to the top ground surface.

The pumping station comprises a KESSEL inspection chamber Ø 600 mm and an integrated pump for wastewater with or without sewage and has been specially designed for installations without explosion proof requirements. The system is available as a single or twin version. The pump is controlled using an innovative pressure sensor: As soon as the water level has reached a certain level, the pump starts to work and transports the water to the sewer via a pressure pipe. Thanks to the height-adjustable upper section height and level adjustment is possible up to 500 millimetres. This allows the system to be adapted effortlessly to the ground level.

Especially advantageous for maintenance and repairs: The pump can easily be removed by hand thanks to the bayonet lock – without tools being necessary and without entering the chamber. The non-return valve can also be removed as a separate element for maintenance purposes without having to dismantle the pump first.

Professional advantages:

  • Simple to assemble
    with light-weight inspection chamber components and easy connection technique.

  • Quick to mount
    with a high level of pre-fabrication and easy connection using fixed couplings for inlet and pressure pipe
    and bores with lip gaskets for ventilation and cable piping.

  • Tool-free pump removal
    The “one-hand snap closure” feature means that no tools are required to remove the pump for cleaning and maintenance.

  • Variable upper section
    inclinable and height adjustable from 100 to 600 mm.
  • Maximum safety through control unit with SDS
    The intelligent control unit (for Tronic and Duo versions) with integrated self-diagnosis system (SDS) continually monitors all electrical components.

Pump types:

Performance diagram STZ 1000
  • STZ 1000
    Input Power(P1): 1000 W
    Voltage:               230 V
    Operating mode:  S3 - 30%
    Pumping capacity: max. 10,9 m3/h
    Pumping height:    max. 9,5 m


  • Single pump with float switch.
  • Single pump with pressure sensor and SDS control unit.
  • Twin pump with pressure sensor and SDS control unit.


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