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Pumping station Aqualift S in inspection chamber system Ø 600 for wastewater with or without sewage

Pumping station Aqualift S in Komfort inspection chamber system Ø 600
Pumping station Aqualift S according to EN 752 for underground installation

The system is ideal for pumping non-sewage wastewater or surface water collected below sewer level, for connection after an underground grease separator to insure operation even during backwater occurrences and for use as a dewatering system. The system is designed for underground installation.

The pumping station consists of a KESSEL System 600 inspection chamber with an installed greywater / surface drainage pump and has been specially designed for installations without explosion proof requirements.  The system is available with single or twin pumps and includes an integrated non-return flap to prevent pumped water from returning into the chamber.  The system is controlled by an innovated pressure sensor:  as soon as the water level inside the chamber reaches a specific height the pump activates and pumps the wastewater to the nearby outlet (sewer for example).  Thanks to the included 500mm vertically adjustable upper section and cover, installation and final levelling of the cast iron cover is as easy as it gets.

Special advantages for commissioning and maintenance: the pump can be easily removed thanks to the quick release connection – this work can all be done without the use of tools and without entering the chamber.  Also the non-return flap can be removed for service or maintenance as a single unit, without the need of disassembling the pump.

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Performance diagram KTP 500/ GTF 1200


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