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Submersible Pumps

Mobile submersible pumps for use in agriculture, industry and trade as well as in private households. The submersible motor pumps are suitable for mobile pumping of larger quantities of clear water, rainwater and soiled water. Swimming pools, ponds, excavations, different tanks, shafts etc. can be pumped empty without any problems thanks to the range of alternative connection options.

Connection is made at the side at flat and broad water points, vertically for deeper and narrow containers. The KTP pumps are set at the lowest point of the basin etc. and can neither lurch nor tilt thanks to the two alternative connection options.

  • Absolutely corrosion-free
  • Pressure pipe connection vertical or at the side R1 1/4
  • Vertical connection for deep and narrow containers
  • Connection at the side for flat and broad water points

Pump types:

PErformance pumps
  • KTP 300
    Input Power (P1): 280 W
    Voltage:               230 V
    Operating Mode:   S1
    Pumping Volume:  max. 8 m3/h
    Pumping Height:    max. 6 m

  • KTP 500
    Input Power (P1): 480 W
    Voltage:               230 V
    Operating Mode:   S1
    Pumping Volume:  max. 8 m3/h
    Pumping Height:    max. 8 m

  • GTF 1000
    Input Power (P1): 1080 W
    Voltage:                230 V
    Operating Mode:   S3 30%
    Pumping Volume:  max. 11,5 m3/h
    Pumping Height:    max. 10 m

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