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Pumping station Aqualift F

The compact version for wastewater with sewage.

The pumping station Aqualift F is used for the disposal of wastewater with sewage below the backwater level. The installation chamber, 600 mm in diameter, contains the pump STZ 1000 for grey and black water and is resistant to groundwater to a depth of 2000 mm.

It is available as a Mono or Duo system with or without a control unit. Its height-adjustable upper section makes it particularly flexible for underground installations. 

Advantages  Article overview

Adjustable upper section

The height of the upper section can be adjusted by up to 500 mm. For simple adjustment to the ground level.

Maximum safety

The Aqualift F is available with a pressure sensor, which measures the level of the wastewater precisely and reliably: as soon as the maximum water level is reached, the pump conveys the water through a pressure pipe into the sewer. The control unit with the integrated self-diagnosis system SDS guarantees additional safety.

Convenient installation

The low weight of the chamber components, high degree of pre-fabrication and the fixed connecting pieces for the inlet and pressure pipe as well as the bore holes with lip seals for the ventilation and conduit pipe all contribute to a fast and easy installation.

Permanent protection

The chamber system is absolutely waterproof and resistant to dirt deposits or aggressive media. In addition, it reliably prevents root penetration. Simple maintenance work on the pump is particularly easy thanks to the integrated guide pipes. 

Pumping station Aqualift F

Type of system: Single station

Level measurement instrument: Float switch

Installation depth Pump Load class Item no.
827710A 800  MMT STZ 1000 - 827710A
827710B 800  MMT STZ 1000 - 827710B
827710D 800  MMT STZ 1000 - 827710D
827720A 1,300  MMT STZ 1000 - 827720A
827720B 1,300  MMT STZ 1000 - 827720B
827720D 1,300  MMT STZ 1000 - 827720D
827730A 1,800  MMT STZ 1000 - 827730A
827730B 1,800  MMT STZ 1000 - 827730B
827730D 1,800  MMT STZ 1000 - 827730D

Level measurement instrument: Submersible pressure switch

Installation depth Pump Load class Item no.
827711A 800  MMT STZ 1000 - 827711A
827711B 800  MMT STZ 1000 - 827711B
827711D 800  MMT STZ 1000 - 827711D
827721A 1,300  MMT STZ 1000 - 827721A
827721B 1,300  MMT STZ 1000 - 827721B
827721D 1,300  MMT STZ 1000 - 827721D
827731A 1,800  MMT STZ 1000 - 827731A
827731B 1,800  MMT STZ 1000 - 827731B
827731D 1,800  MMT STZ 1000 - 827731D

Type of system: Twin pump station

Level measurement instrument: Submersible pressure switch

Installation depth Pump Load class Item no.
826711A 800  MMT STZ 1000 - 826711A
826711B 800  MMT STZ 1000 - 826711B
826711D 800  MMT STZ 1000 - 826711D
826721A 1,300  MMT STZ 1000 - 826721A
826721B 1,300  MMT STZ 1000 - 826721B
826721D 1,300  MMT STZ 1000 - 826721D
826731A 1,800  MMT STZ 1000 - 826731A
826731B 1,800  MMT STZ 1000 - 826731B
826731D 1,800  MMT STZ 1000 - 826731D

Not found the right product?

In addition to our standard pumping stations, we develop individual solutions for special requirements – in terms of form, function and dimensioning – at the customer's request. 

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