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Grease Separators EasyClean - For A Clean Environment

Grease separator

In many commercial and industrial operations such as restaurants, hotels, motorway service areas, butchers or other food-processing plants, greases and oils get into the wastewater. This wastewater has quite a way to travel before it reaches the next sewage plant.

A great deal of grease and food residue can become deposited in the drainage system along the way, leading to pipe blockages, corrosion and odour formation as well as problems with the operation of sewage plants and lifting stations. For this reason, legislation requires plants which produce greasy wastewater to install grease separators according to EN 1825!

The whole KESSEL range of polyethylene grease separators fulfils all the legal requirements for various installation situations:

Grease separators for free-standing installation

Grease separator
  • Grease separator EasyClean free
    Grease separator EasyClean according to EN 1825 for free-standing installation inside buildings. Available in the nominal sizes NS 2 - NS 30.
  • Grease separator EasyClean Modular

    Grease separator for free-standing installation. Can be split for installation - ideal where access is tight. Available from NS 0,25 up to NS 4.

Grease separators for outdoor underground installation

  • Grease separator EasyClean ground

    Grease separator according to EN 1825 for underground installation outside buildings. Available in the nominal sizes NS 1 - NS 35.

Size calculation

SmartSelect calculation and selection software for lifting stations and pumps.

SmartSelect makes it possible to size and specify separators according to EN by using up to three calculation methods.


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