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EasyClean free SkimTech grease separator

The partial disposer for exposed installation.

The contents of grease separators must be disposed of properly at regular intervals. On the one hand, this becomes a problem if the relevant rooms are difficult to access or a disposal vehicle cannot reach the installation site (e.g. in an alpine hut).

In these cases, the free-standing EasyClean free SkimTech is the optimum solution. These are particularly practical, as they can be easily stored temporarily and transported without a disposal vehicle.

The EasyClean free SkimTech is available in nominal sizes NS 2 to NS 10, which are sufficient for most businesses such as restaurants and hotels. It is also available in nominal sizes NS 15 and NS 20 for larger volumes of wastewater. In addition, we also offer individual solutions for specific requirements and installation situations. 

Advantages  Article overview

How the EasyClean free SkimTech works

The EasyClean free SkimTech grease separator is based on three systems that work hand-in-hand:

A screen cleans the inflowing wastewater first, the different materials then separate into different layers in the grease separator chamber and a skimmer unit then collects and transfers oil and grease that float to the surface to the collecting tank.

Tailor-make system

The EasyClean free SkimTech grease separator is designed for exposed installation within the building. Ingenious technologies operate inside it: The auger screw is controlled by sensors, the skimmer unit operates with a timer. In addition, the levels in the storage tank is monitored continuously by sensors.

The EasyClean free SkimTech is excellent for combination, for example, with the Aqualift F XL or Aqualift F Duo lifting stations. 

Not found the right product?

In addition to our standard grease separators we also develop individual solutions on request for special requirements in terms of form, function and dimensioning. 

Individual solutions