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Grease Separator EasyClean free Auto Mix & Pump

Grease separator PVS

The description "Auto Mix & Pump" stands for grease separator (also known as grease trap or interceptor) with program-controlled, fully automated disposal and rinsing system and the tried-and-trusted Shredder-Mix-System for homogenisation of the waste. The version corresponds with requirements according to EN 1825 and DIN 4040-100.

The waste is pumped through the system's own pump through permanently installed pipes into the disposal truck. This means there are no odour emissions during emptying. Cold freshwater can also be used to rinse the system. All the disposal steps run fully automatically, controlled by the program.

The separator is cleaned by circulating and comminuting the tank contents.

Product Advantages:

  • Automated Disposal Pump
    Grease interceptor version with direct disposal connection and a fully automated, programm controlled disposal pump.

  • Shredder-Mix-System
    With Shredder-Mix-System to circulate and comminute the whole tank content of the grease separator.

  • Refill Inlet
    Thanks to the included refill inlet it is possible to fill the grease separator without odour emission with the tank closed.

  • Control Unit
    A modern control unit with digital display automates specific steps of the grease traps disposal process.

  • Inspection Window
    An inspection window allows to monitor the grease layer manually.

  • SonicControl
    Also available with SoniControl, an automatic grease layer thickness measuring device.

  • Long Service Life
    Virgin, non-recycled polyethylene tank guarantees an extremely long service life due to its corrosion free properties.

  • Efficient Extraction
    Wedge-shaped bottom for efficient extraction at the lowest point.

  • Easy to Clean
    Due to wax like surface finish of separator tank.

  • Flexible Installation
    Direction of flow can be changed on site by changing inlet and outlet connections.
  • Refill
  • Shredder
  • Control
  • Wedge

Size calculation

SmartSelect calculation and selection software for lifting stations and pumps.

SmartSelect makes it possible to size and specify separators according to EN by using up to three calculation methods.

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Disposal pump performance curve:

grease separator pump


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