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Grease separator Euro Auto Mix (D+SP)

Grease separator

Our Euro Auto Mix grease separators are equipped with an automatically controlled pump for mixing and cleaning of the grease separator's contents and inner walls. These separators are offered with a modern control unit with digital display. It is now possible to automate specific steps of the grease traps disposal process.

The Shredder-Mix-System macerates and liquifies its contents and also cleans its interiror walls all simultaneously. This prepared wastewater is then suctioned into the waiting disposal vehicle. The version corresponds to the requirements according to EN 1825.

Professional Advantages:

  • Extra Large
    Suitable for large quantities of wastewater NS 15 - NS 30 and above.

  • Shredder-Mix-System 
    The Shredder-Mix-System serves to circulate and comminute the whole tank content of the grease separator. It can be customized by use of the included controll unit.

  • Powerfull Pumps
    One / Two 3.0 kW pumps for a clean and odour-free cleaning.

  • Clean and odour-free disposal and cleaning

  • On-site grease separator assembly
    With a team of KESSEL specialists, the grease separators can also be custom assembled on location. This allows larger grease separator to be used in existing buildings with limited access to the room in which the grease separator will be installed.

Size calculation

SmartSelect calculation and selection software for lifting stations and pumps.

SmartSelect makes it possible to size and specify separators according to EN by using up to three calculation methods.

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