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SonicControl is an automatic layer thickness measuring device with ultrasonic sensor. It makes the exact monitoring and automatic reporting of the layer thickness and temperature in a grease separator possible. This allows operators to prove low grease occurrence at any time, thus saving on disposal costs.

Disposal of the grease collected in grease separators is clearly regulated: Unless otherwise specified, sludge traps and separators should be emptied, cleaned and filled with fresh water again at least once a month, in accordance with DIN EN 1825-2. DIN 4040-100 also prescribes that the disposal intervals must be defined in such a way that the storage capacity of the sludge trap and the separator are not exceeded. In addition, a national German standard specifies that sludge trap and separator must be emptied and cleaned at least once a month, preferably every two weeks.

Where only low levels of grease are collected, more and more local authorities are allowing operators to dispose of the grease as required and extending disposal intervals where not much grease is collected. The operator himself must bring proof of the grease levels, however. SonicControl makes this proof possible through automatic determination of the thickness of the grease layer.

How SonicControl works

  1. The grease thickness measuring device SonicControl is attached to the outlet of the grease separator.
  2. The sensor is in the lower “finger” and transmits ultrasonic signals upwards at defined time intervals.
  3. The lower edge of the outlet (depending on the grease separator type) is used as the reference dimension for the measurement (e.g. 350 mm).
  4. As the grease layer becomes thicker, the signal requires less time for the measurement of the path from the “finger” to the lower edge of the grease layer.
  5. The time this signal requires is automatically converted into a distance (e.g. 300 mm).
  6. Then the distance determined is subtracted from the reference dimension (350-300 = 50) and multiplied by the factor 1.1. (50 * 1.1 = 55 mm).
  7. The factor takes the different densities of water and grease into account. The value thus calculated corresponds to the thickness of the grease layer and is displayed to the operator at the control unit.

The operator is informed of the necessary disposal before the max. grease layer thickness is reached.

Size calculation

SmartSelect calculation and selection software for lifting stations and pumps.

SmartSelect makes it possible to size and specify separators according to EN by using up to three calculation methods.

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